Wazza UB

The Power of "WE" 
It's a fact: companies like Google or Facebook make billions of dollars each quarter only because we Internet users use their services. It is time we understand that "users" can decide who should win the jackpot.

Wazza UB is the first truly global community that pays up to us, "users", only put Wazza UB as our homepage (homepage). As we attract more members free, each member will earn more money. Simple as that;
we discover the power of "WE"!


The Pre-Release and the main project will be global and multilingual. Only the pre-registration is only in English. Anyone, even having no knowledge of English, you should make your pre-registration immediately and invite friends and Internet contacts to join the UB Wazza.

It's COMPLETELY FREE to subscribe to the Wazza Wazza UB UB and will remain free forever. Has no registration fee, no administration fee, monthly fee of any kind, nothing to sell, nothing to buy.


November 11 - December 31
Secret Registration (Pre-Registration) by invitation only. Register for free and get your referral link. Invite family, friends and Internet contacts to join the UB Wazza and begin to build their networks. Remember it's free!

January 1 - March 31, 2012

Know the area reserved for members and watch your network
growing instantly. Wazza in UB, we call it $ FACTOR (factor Dollar). The more people register themselves under you (5 levels deep), plus your $ FACTOR grow. And guess what ... The higher your $ FACTOR grows, the greater will be its share of the profits after the official release.

April 1 - June 30
Beta Release

April 01, 2012 is the Day of UB Wazza. Our site is in the air and the affiliate will start earning money. Step by step we will add more functions that will make a perfect Wazza UB portal:

a powerful search engine, a custom section, the best deals on the Internet and a surprising area of entertainment such as videos and games, to name a few.
Based on suggestions and feedback from users, we create what used to calling "Perfect Internet."

July 1
Final Version

When all the design features are in the air and in full operation, we will focus on monetizing our project. Our goal is to serve millions of users. Together we can achieve this goal. Let's turn on the Power of "WE"!


50% of profits will be paid to affiliates. The other 50% goes to pay the investors / shareholders who are investing a lot of money to make the UB Wazza happen. The more users we have, the more money will be distributed with the
affiliates in accordance with its $ FACTOR.


Wazza UB is completely free, no one will have to pay anything, buy and sell anything, so where does this
money? ... Let's take Google as an example, Google has over 1 billion users per month who use their services without paying for them.

In the last quarter Google had $ 3 billion profit only transmit ads from third parties. This means that Google earns an average of $ 1 per user per month.

Wazza UB uses exactly the same technology as Google, add a few other sources of revenue.

Our goal is to attract at least 10 million users a month after June 2012, but we just split the profits with those who have done their registration before April 1. , 2012

Another quick look

Completely Free
No registration fees
No monthly fees
Nothing to sell
Nothing to buy
Just sign up, invite and profit!